March 8, 2017

Brand Spotlight: Elvi

I'm constantly searching for plus-size clothing that goes beyond the norms of plus-size fashion (black, stretchy, ill-fitting, etc.) and fits with my personal style as well as my budget.  While that can be a tall order, there are certainly a handful of go-to stores/brands that create amazing and relatively affordable pieces for plus-size women and a few brands that are stepping up their game. One brand that I've been loving from afar for a while (see previous post here) is Elvi.

Elvi is a UK-based brand that provides plus-size clothing that's stylish, interesting and isn't outrageously priced. Their sizes range from 10-22 and the price point is varied depending on the garment, but somewhere between $49-$200.  Below, I've shared just a few of the items that I have my eye on at the moment.  My favorites are the Premium Lace Maxi Dress (1st row - left) and the Premium Sheer Blouse and Skirt (5th row - right).

(left - top|skirt, right - top|pants)

(left - top|skirt, right - coat|pants)

(left, right)

(left - top|skirt, right - top|skirt)

If you're still a bit hesitant about ordering from a brand that you're unfamiliar with, don't worry.  Elvi is now sold at Nordstrom and ASOS.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.The lace bomber jacket in the first pic is available here.

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