October 9, 2014

Plus Size Blazers for Fall

One thing I find challenging is shopping for a blazer.  Mainly, this is because I find that plus size blazers are often either so boring, ill-fitting or far too long on me.  Generally, I prefer my blazers (and jackets) to be between 23" and 25" in length; anything more than that looks matronly on me.  I also tend to gravitate toward blazers in nice colors (see here) or with interesting details; and finding one like that can be a little difficult.  So, after a long search, I've found quite a few plus size options that I love and I think could work in any woman's wardrobe.  My favorites are the leather detail blazers from Simply Be (Top Row - middle & right)

Which blazer is your favorite?

Thanks for reading.


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    1. Right??!? There are some really amazing plus size options available right now.