October 22, 2014

15 Pairs of Plus Size Leather Pants/Leggings

One thing that I can never resist buying when I find a great pair is a pair of leather leggings or pants.  Whether they are real or faux, I've found that the perfect pair of leather pants are an essential part of my wardrobe (see herehere and here for outfits).  They instantly add a bit of edge to any outfit and they are versatile enough to be dressed up or down.  So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather pants or leggings, I've compiled several plus size options that could work for you.  My favorites are the pairs from Carmakoma (1st row - left) and Alice & You (1st row - middle).

October 19, 2014

Trend to Try: Dark Florals

Thanks to Miranda, from the Devil Wears Prada, we are all well aware that there's nothing new about florals for spring, but what about wearing them in the fall?  This season florals were all over the runway.  However, instead of the usual bright floral prints, the colors were in muted and darker hues.  While I'm not usually a fan of floral prints, I do like this season's take on the print.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate florals into your fall wardrobe, I've put together several plus size options that could work for you.  You could also check out how I've worn dark florals here.

October 9, 2014

Plus Size Blazers for Fall

One thing I find challenging is shopping for a blazer.  Mainly, this is because I find that plus size blazers are often either so boring, ill-fitting or far too long on me.  Generally, I prefer my blazers (and jackets) to be between 23" and 25" in length; anything more than that looks matronly on me.  I also tend to gravitate toward blazers in nice colors (see here) or with interesting details; and finding one like that can be a little difficult.  So, after a long search, I've found quite a few plus size options that I love and I think could work in any woman's wardrobe.  My favorites are the leather detail blazers from Simply Be (Top Row - middle & right)

October 7, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Carmakoma

One thing I love seeing in plus size fashion is emerging plus size designers and brands who are dedicated to crafting garments for plus size women that are stylish and interesting.  One of the brands that I am particularly excited about this season is Carmakoma.  This Danish brand creates a lot of their clothing featuring black (which I love), but their pieces are far from basic.  Instead, their garments are edgy, unique and, most importantly, well made.  

October 3, 2014

Currently Craving: Wide Calf Boots

With the cold weather approaching, I know many of us are on the hunt for a great pair of boots.  However, unless you're only looking for booties, finding a pair of tall boots to fit a wider calf can be a bit challenging.  So, today, in an attempt to make your shopping a bit easier, I've put together a variety of wide calf boot options that could complement any wardrobe.  The boots I've featured below have a 15" calf circumference or higher (according to the measurements found online).  I hope that you are able to find an option that works for you.  If not, I've started a Pinterest Board with more wide calf boot options.