November 27, 2013

Wide Calf Boots Review

I can't help but notice that plus size girls are getting the shaft (pun intended) when it comes to tall or over-the-knee boots.  Finding the perfect pair of boots with a shaft that can accommodate our larger calves is often difficult, which is usually why I avoid it all together.  However, this year I figured I'd give it another shot. So, after countless hours in-store and online searching for boots that can work for the curvy girl, I've finally found (read: actually tried on myself instead of just reading the specifications online) a few pairs that could work.  

(Note: This information is based on how these boots fit me.  I have a 17" calf circumference.)

Steve Madden 'Creation' Boot (at Nordstrom) -  This is an adorable boot.  It has stretchy material on the back, which allows the shaft to stretch to fit a wider calf.  It also has enough stretch to accommodate jeans or a thick legging without feeling too snug.