September 19, 2013

Currently Craving: Leopard Print for the Office

This season animal prints will be everywhere, especially leopard.  Personally, I live for leopard prints and find myself in them often.  However, I do realize that while it may be easy to wear animal prints in a casual outfit, incorporating it into your work wardrobe may be a bit challenging.  So, I put together a few pieces that will make it a lot easier to wear this trend while still looking professional.  My favorites are the two dresses, especially #1 (modeled by Lornalitz of Curvy Girls).  But, if you are not feeling quite so daring you could opt for the blouses and pair them with a neutral or black blazer or cardigan.  Also, you may choose to incorporate animal prints through accessories - scarves, bags, or shoes.

How do you plan on incorporating animal prints into your work wardrobe?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Yep...I am also wanting some more animal prints, but not for work.

    1.'s hard to incorporate animal prints in the workplace depending on your job. However, I think the blouses would probably be easiest if you pair them with a blazer or a cardigan.