November 29, 2012

Communicating Through Style

There's no denying that personal style can be used to communicate who you are, your mood, etc.  However, it can also be used to command attention, which I am certainly guilty of doing lately.  Sometimes I use bold prints and colors to gain the attention of a guy I’m interested in with the hope that he'll notice my outfit and overlook the awkward and  nervous 15 year old girl syndrome that has plagued me as of late. 

November 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!

Since I have such great memories of Thanksgiving, I thought that I would share a couple of my fav photos of past Thanksgivings.  

14 months: Feeding myself.

November 16, 2012

Animal Instincts

This season reptile prints are everywhere and, I must admit, I'm beginning to really love them (though they could never replace leopard prints in my heart).  Anyway, making animal prints work appropriate can be difficult, but a couple of easy ways to do so are through scarves, pumps, handbags or other accessories.  However, if you are more daring, you may want to try a blouse, skirt or even a dress in animal print and then add a blazer or sweater like I did in this outfit.

November 14, 2012

Just a Jacket

When I was first putting together this outfit, it was going to be all black.  However, after looking in the mirror, I felt like it needed something.  That something was this brocade-esque jacket. 

November 12, 2012

Monday Mourning?

You all know how much I hate mornings, especially Mondays, but this week they are getting worse. Since we missed several days of class due to Hurricane Sandy, we are being forced to make up those hours of class.  So, instead of going to class at 9am, I have to be there at 8:45, which is the reason for my Monday "mourning." I realize that's only 15 minutes earlier, but because of my long commute, it actually means that I must get up an hour earlier.

November 8, 2012

Shapely Shopping Share of the Day: Fur Vests

Fur vests are a great addition to your closet now that the temperatures are getting chillier. What's great about a fur vest is that it is a perfect layering piece and it can be worn in lieu of a coat or jacket if the temperatures are cool, but not yet cold.  Some curvy girls stray away from fur vests in fear of creating bulk. While I don't think that should be a concern, the options I've compiled below seem to alleviate those concerns. Any thoughts?